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Festival Mural

Bryan Beyung


Native country: Canada

“I was born in Quebec to a refugee family, this double culture led me to create in order to build and define myself. Graduated in graphic design, I became familiar with the digital world and the speed of new technologies. The infinite but sometimes too mechanical possibilities of this form of communication led me to a more abstract artistic and pictorial approach. My paintings are presented in an apocalyptic setting where the disorder harmonizes with the purified spaces, like what can be represented by complementary oppositions in the philosophy of Yin and Yang. As for the compositions, they are largely influenced by my artistic past graffiti. In making a piece, I attach great importance to disappearing during the creation process. Disappear represents the state of mind through which I seek to evade all social distractions, when I enter the process of creation. It is both a concern for integrity and a desire to offer a work that is authentic. My gesture is sometimes spontaneous, sometimes meticulously calculated, but I stop only when I find the balance. – See more at: http://www.michel-ange.net/?artiste=bryan-beyung#sthash.nS22v2GB.dpuf