Country Canada

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Medium(s): Mural

Borrris is a muralist and illustrator from ex-Yugoslavia based in Montreal. Driven by a desire to bring art to the masses, he contributed in building a vibrant street art community in Sherbrooke and Montreal. This led him to work alongside various public and private organisations to create murals within Canada, as well as festivals such as BUMP and Inspire. His street art background, coupled with a graphic design degree from UQAM has led him to develop a diverse, bold, and colourful portfolio focusing on storytelling and metaphor. Inspired by modern art, his work is a mix of abstraction and figurative art which tackles various subjects, depending on the location and context of the mural project. By playing with basic geometry inspired by site-specific architecture, he’s representing the universal human connection and human activity in various ways. He’s also involved in the illustration community as a member of Illustration Quebec.