Country Canada

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Medium(s): Digital art

Aliendope is a French digital artist born in 1993 and based in Montreal. Trained at the Bellecour school in Lyon, he has worked as a 3D artist at Cirque du Soleil before joining the Canadian agency Cossette as a motion designer. At the same time, he developed an artistic work with a very characteristic style. Mixing elements of rave culture, cyberpunk inspirations and avant-garde processes, Aliendope creates digital works that function as kind of automated installations, robotic displays exhibiting portraits deconstructed by movements reminiscent of industrial processes.

Aliendope seeks to represent humanity diffracted by technology, in search of identity and integrity, by subjecting his portraits to dualities of form and texture, materializing the contradictions and temptations, the anxieties and addictions, the sufferings and angers generated by our times. The theme of the absurd and that of revolt, its corollary, certainly dominate his artistic research but sometimes leave room for works of a completely different register, where digital environments with a refined design make for ideal shelters.