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Festival Mural


Native country: France

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Based in Montréal, 123KLAN is a graffiti crew founded by the French duo Scien and Mrs Klor in 1992. A tireless, effervescent and often ironic creative force, Scien and Klor have been creating their art for two decades in the hip-hop galaxy and well beyond. Multidisciplinary, The 123KLAN style is divided into several branches of knowledge: graffiti art, the creative studio and streetwear (BANDIT1SM x 123KLAN). Influenced by the various forms of 90’s graffiti art found in Europe and New York, 123KLAN crafts a hybrid style that has granted them widespread recognition. Around this time, they defined a new language that transcended all the graffiti “schools”. Their first works were characterized by huge, sharply-angled letters in acid tones, and characters with futuristic manga features posed against experimental type.