A limited edition silkscreen print of artist Marc-Olivier Lamothe is now on sale at our online store! The artist will be present from June 6 to 16 as part of the 2019 edition of the Mural Festival.


The work of Marc-Olivier Lamothe, a Canadian of origin, is the result of an happy cross between modern graphics and the fine arts, the digital world and painting marrying wonderfully on his canvases or on the walls. Guided by his visions of the chaotic world that surrounds him, which he likes to compare to a jungle, Marc-Olivier creates spontaneously by observing different living organisms that interact around him. The result of his observations is transformed into floating abstract forms, made of vibrant colors, natural elements and living creatures embedded in a two-dimensional space. The artist opens the doors of a chaotic and amusing universe.


Find the silkscreen in a time release limited edition of the artist on our online store. On sale right here from May 9th.