5 Behind-the-Scenes Insights You Learn On An Official MURAL Tour

Date: 18 October 2018


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Every Saturday and Sunday mornings, Thom, a born and raised Montrealer and a Spade & Palacio guide, takes a dozen people on what he likes to call a “non-touristy tour”. Thom walks participants through some of the of murals created during the annual MURAL Festival. Let’s take a look at some of the behind-the-scenes insights we learned on his latest tour.

1. Cryptik’s “Mantradala” was created freehand

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, Cryptik, known for his incredibly detailed pieces inspired by mandala aesthetics and a strong sense of spirituality, lovingly named by the artist as “Mantradalas”. Believe it or not, all of these details were painted entirely freehand.

2. INTI’s piece is inspired by a tragedy that took place in Chile in 2010

As part of 2014’s MURAL Festival, INTI took the opportunity to make a strong statement by highlighting the infamous mining accident that took place in Copiapó, Chile in 2010 where 30 miners were trapped underground for over 60 days. Indeed, the character’s dilemma between gold and water reinforces the artist’s caption in the top left corner “La sed del oro nos dejara sin agua” which translates to “Our thirst for gold will leave us without water”.

3. Buff Monster’s mural depicts the Seven Deadly Sins

Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth define Buff Monster’s playful and colourful characters. Can you spot which one is which?

4. Sandra Chevrier’s “La cage et le cri du coeur” is her first mural in her hometown of Montreal

Renowned international artist, Sandra Chevrier has left her mark in many a metropolis accros the world. Her mural “La cage et le cri du coeur” which she created for the MURAL Festival’s 6th edition, in 2018, was the first one in her hometown of Montreal.

5. Sara Erenthal’s work was painted on an old Jewish theater turned porno theater

Titled “It’s complicated”, Sara Erenthal’s work was inspired by the wall she used for a canvas. The building, once an old Jewish theater is now the porno theater, Cinéma L’amour. It’s complicated, right?

For more insights, enroll on Spade & Palacio’s Official MURAL Tours.


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