Bringing together dozens of visual artists and musicians, as well as many young creative entrepreneurs, MURAL is full of souvenirs to bring back home. T-shirts, caps, bags, prints, there’s something for everyone! In this post, we will give you a little overview of what you can find on Saint-Laurent blvd.

1. The Icon Collection of MURAL Festival

Exclusively designed for the MURAL 2018 edition, the Icon collection stands out for its minimalist and urban look. Featuring designs by visual artist David Lebicar, this collection which is on sale at the Festival boutique is the perfect souvenir to remind you of the urban vibe at MURAL.

2. The artist series of MURAL Festival

The artist series at MURAL 2018 brought to you exclusively by your favorite muralists such as Tristan Eaton, Poni, Le Monstr, Whatisadam, Smithe and Sandra Chevrier, are on offer now at the festival boutique.


3. A personalized tote bag at Aldo X Pony’s space

Create a unique fashion piece this year by personalizing your own tote bag at the Mural Market’s Aldo x Pony.


4. The exclusive Lululemon collection designed by Kate Raudenbush

Make sure to take a look at Lululemon sportswear merchandise at sculptor Kate Raudenbush’s Art Blast exhibit installation in the Enchanted Forest. Available until June 17th.

5. A Canadian tuxedo designed by a Montreal artist

 A timeless fashion piece, the Canadian tuxedo will be in the spotlight at the exhibition held at Oatbox until June 17. A dozen Montreal artists have transformed the classic set of jeans to their image to offer you a unique piece worthy of your admiration or your wardrobe.

6. The yelvy collection designed by Fvckrender

The artist Fvckrender collaborates with the clothing brand yelvy to offer you an exclusive collection with a futuristic approach.

7. The VAGINA collection of MissMe

Always so bold, MissMe is releasing a new collection entitled “Vagina”, on sale at her pop-up show in the main area of the Festival.

8. MURAL caps by Headster

In collaboration with Headster kids, dress up your kid with a MURAL urban hat from the festival.

9. The new “Wild Souls” collection of Cartel, in collaboration with Dalkhafine

Take some time to stop by Cartel pop up store at Mural Market to take a look at the WILD SOULS collection in collaboration with Dalkhafine.

10. Prints of your favorite muralists at Station 16 Gallery

Head to the Station 16 Gallery to get a little souvenir of your favorite murals (such as Whatisadam, Poni, Le Monstr, Michael Reeder and more), to display on your walls. A new surprise print will be on display everyday for you to check out until June 17.